Here in Gothenburg’s hub of knowledge there are state-of-the-art offices where workstations make efficient use of space with manned reception, public meeting places and good, green communications. We are in the centre of Gothenburg with proximity to services, restaurants, to attractive, green oases and an inspiring student life.

The Gothenburg region is a world-class growth region in terms of competitiveness and future potential. Gothenburg is currently undergoing rapid development, generated by substantial investments in research and product development.

Cooperation as a tool

One contributing factor to the innovative environment at the Chalmers area in Johanneberg is our  cooperation projects. We are continuously running interesting projects which benefit social development. This commitment places us on the map and attracts national and international interest.

Thanks to the competence of our technology-orientated companies, natural contexts are created which invite cooperation. This is the birthplace of new ideas whose results are spread nationally and internationally.

Our concentration on cooperation projects strengthens the field because it makes constant contributions to activity and development here. We would also like to extend the offer to more companies to establish themselves in the Chalmers area. The aim is to create even better conditions for exciting cooperation projects between academia, trade and industry and the city. It is guaranteed to bring in new business and more jobs. Is that also the aim of your company?

So far, our endeavour has resulted in a number of cooperation projects. Several have made direct contributions to the development of industry and helped to sharpen development projects which drive social development forward. FED (Fossil-free Energy Districts), IRIS, SCORE, ElectriCity HSB Living Lab, Riksbyggen Positive Footprint Housing, are some noteworthy examples.

Sentence about tests and demo projects to solve social challenges
Sentence about the city’s role in the projects and added value for the city / region

Being part of the Chalmers area’s cooperation projects means that you share the same commitment to a sustainable future that we have.